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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 14, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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photos of an 8 inch pipe which failed. you can see the pipe carrying gas oil, about 600 degrees fahrenheit and investigating whether workers removed insulation surrounding it. and there is a vapor cloud that was seen on a surveillance video. workers scattered at about two minutes later it ignited into a fireball. investigators don't know what the source was and may never know. there are a number of hot pipes everywhere. perhaps a diesel engine. yesterday investigators got within 10 feet of the pipe. it's still a dangerous situation. because of damage overhead and as well as some leaking high grow carbons. the board confirmed a 12 inch line was replaced last november during maintenance but not the eight inch pipe that failed. >> this is not replaced and we
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wanting to make a decision why to keep this in service. and the mission is to understand why that happened so we can make safety recommendations and if that vapor cloud would have ignited sooner, it would have been a much more serious incident with pone shallly serious burns and possibly fatalities. >> there are still leaking hydrocarbons in the immediate area, why water is still being sprayedthon site. there would could be several weeks before investigators get inside. and it will be up to chevron to determine how long this section will remain out of operation. the safety board says its interviewed about 50 witnesses
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here and requested a number of documents. it says that the agencies have been cooperative and chevron, rather the safety board has not had to use subpoena power up to this point and the board will release findings for chevron and new safety regulations for the oil industry as a whole. >> thank you so much. we have now learned that thousands of people reported breathing problems after the fire at the refinery. >> good evening, those are shocking numbers. the health officials presented a report today not only revealing numbers of the people who sought treatment but discussing ways to notify the public in the event of an emergency. >> over 9,000 people reported
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to the emergency rooms. >> speaking to the board of supervisors... dr. breuner, the county public health director said thousand that's sought treatment have complained of symptoms from cough and other issues this is being blamed on the smoke from the fire. >> how could that be prevented? what and what might need to be done to decrease chances of this happening again? >> do we have a system in place to register cell phones? >> there is a suggestion that the use of new technology could be more effective. ef one is looking for answers. >> any piece of information that may calm the community. official wtz chemical safety board say getting there is a process. >> this is important to learn
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from the event. >> and officials say most were seen, tleeted. they did not have numbers on those who have been hospitalized however sh they will present to the board next tuesday. >> and for the second day hazardous materials crews responded to an emergency. today's incident started at 12:30 when a leak of gas caused a plume of black smoke. flames could be seen coming out of the smoke stack for a while. it's used to burn off excess gas and prevent an explosion. it caused a level two warning meaning there was phone toshl spread beyond the plant and neighbors should shelter in place. and yesterday a fire there resulted in a level one alert. >> and there is an update on breaking news in southern
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california. the wildfire just destroyed this home in riverside county. this is a live picture over the fire that broke out near temecula. it's doubled in size and again, spreading it's forced an evacuation of several homes in its path. and there are crews from around southern california responding and there are no reports of injuries so far. >> good progress to report tonight on fires tonight, sky 7 over the scene now this, fire has been 30% contained. what were two fires burning since sunday is being treated as one fire that burned five square miles, hundreds of homes were in danger, it's moving to the east allowing people to return home. you can bet they'll keep their eyes peeled to the east.
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and. >> we're hopefully getting a good handle on it in lake county the day began with 30% containment. up close enough, po% can soon burn. as we saw yesterday, the fires caused from the air. it's easiest access in this country. a task made more difficult because of the summer heat. at least one fire fighter suffered from heat exhaustion today. and for the rest a day of waiting and praying the winds stay away today. >> and we can have the change quickly. what they have happened here is that happening. and the fire does change and we have spotting and that is how it spread so quick lie
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that is abc 7 news reporter reporting. hundreds of homes being are by a fire east of redding. it's the biggest one burning in the state now. all that have smoke has created a massive thick haze over northern california. sandhya? >> there is nasa satellite imagery. you can see the fires burning in northern california. this is a dramatic image of how the winds are carrying this smoke across several states. and that is why we're seeing smong smoke. i want to show you county line, temperatures dropped at 96 degrees. and there are is humidity,
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14%. you're noticing clouds moving in across the area. the temperatures will remain into triple digits, still dry. the numbers will be dropping down into 90s as we head into friday and saturday. the threat coming in the form of a slight chance of showers. possibly thunderstorms for this area. so hopefully they'll have wildfire under control. there is some fromming weather change as head. >> thank you. >> napa state hospital rolled out an alarm system today to protect employees and they were told to wear them around their necks. the question is, why? vic lee is live tonight to explain. vick you were invited in for a look. >> they escorted into the hospital. and workers have been wearing these alarms for a while this,
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was the first day they activate add larm. there were glitches. this is a pilot program. the hospital says they were minor and the system went well. but it's not the alarm that is concerning workers, it's what is tied to it. it's been nearly two years since this psych tech was strangled. since then, other aggressive patients attacked workers and patients. almost all of the assaults have been in the hospital forensics unit where the criminally insane and violent patients are housed. gross was areaing an alarm that only wrked inside buildings and she was killed outside and a wireless a high tech system. and technicians were monitoring alarms for glitches. and this transmits signals to the hospital office.
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there is a and signals tagging other workers and others liked the new alarms. they don't like wearing the lanyard, if grab candidate choke you. this union says there has been one incident. >> one rn was grabbed and he pulled away and got away. >> and hospital authorities believe that the risks of the new larm are minimal. >> there is a break away feature, we think likelihood of something happening is small. >> this does have this break away device if the back, it can split in two. but here is a phone shall problem. >> you can grab it on the break away, there is no way it's going to... >> no. as long as he holds on, yeah. >> workers asking the hospital
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to listen to complaints. >> we want an option and this unit supervisor says he has no qualms about at larm. >> person can be choked with a piece of clothing. >> and there is administrator tells us they're looking at a system attached to the belt loop. but workers wish the hospital would have delayed implementing these until finding an option like the belt alarm. >> still ahead here tonight, we're going to-to-follow up on a neighborhood fire that swept through 10 local businesses. now, it appears some will never reopen. >> there are long lines because of a computer problem leaving drivers in the lurch
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throughout the state. >> a gang problem in san jose. now, the justice department is getting involved. >> a man with a rare condition causing his face to tick more than aor
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. breaking news a massive wildfire broke out this afternoon near temecula. >> this is a dc 10 converted passenger plane. it dumped flame retardant tonight.
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we saw a moment ago a home destroyed by flames. 260 acres burned and it's forced evacuation of several other homes in the path. crews from around southern california responded and it's hot and it's a bit breezy down there. there are also abc 7 >> and now, help is on the way for businesses damaged by a big fire a week ago today. the mayor is promising to stream line the process helping property owners rebuild and get back to business. abc 7 news joins us live near city college where this fire happened. >> the fire chief was work being done on the roof of a building. and there today the mayor said the city will accelerate what needs to be done to help
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recover. the mayor says this is somewhat unprecedented. just a week after fire swept through small businesses on ocean avenue, in the ingleside neighborhood, the city is making a push to help owners rebound. >> and that is -- i'm very sad. because i really put all of my heart and everything i make and. >> this is hard enough to recover. we need to make it easier for them. and there is working with public works and health. >> one building had to be demolished. the city trying to ease the pain. >> if we the want to rebuild it, that can happen quickly. there is no process or hear prog ses. >> this is new bank that is coming and the first full
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service grocery store in years. >> this is changing for the better. i feel sad for neighbors and friends. >> this business is down the block from those that burned. the mayor says this rapid response shows what he calls an invest in neighborhood strategy that has gotten a boost from the city as proved budget. merchants just anxious to see results. and carmel is still in shock after her shop was destroy. >> i feel like that is my life right there in ashes. if you can see, there is nothing left. >> did you hear what the mayor had to say? >> this gives me a lot of hope. i'm just hoping good things to come. >> and she's hoping summers
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will understand why she's closed and she and others will be turning to the stoi help them with temporary loks. >> tu sandhya patel is back again. >> and there is a big change in weather. we're seeing cooling affect of the marine layer. there is a live picture and we'll talk about cooler weather coming from our camera. there is marine layer making a mad dash from coast across the bay. antioch, 94 degrees, pacifica, 58 this afternoon. live doppler 7 showing you coverage now and there is some high clouds.
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look what's happening in the seera nevada. it's been an active afternoon. there are numerous lightning strikes. 700 strikes in that area for traveling to tahoe, scattered showers and thunderstorms in the forecast and so just be aware of it. upper 50s near the coast. most areas down into 80s and 90s. wind playing a real in this. take a look at marine influence. there are winds gusting to 35 miles per hour in fairfield. there is helping push that marl in. gusting to 37 in napa. so this is starting to cool off. partly cloudy skies this weekend. could be talking about clouds this weekend. and tomorrow morning we'll start out cool. you might need a player,
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inland areas clear and field. here is the interesting part. area of low pressure is a weak low. there is hot air mass over the desert southwest with this circulation. the combination draws up moisture this week from tropical storm hector. there is expected to dissipate making its way up towards the bay area and there may be a slight possibility of showers or sprinkles. stay tuned for possible changes. numbers tomorrow 89 degrees in los gatos, more high clouds on the peninsula tomorrow. there is 60 degrees in half moon bay. downtown san francisco, south san francisco, mid-60s, up
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into north bay it's going to be 101 in clear lake. 80 in san francisco. 77 in san rafael. and inland areas warm but not hot weather we've been seeing. 90s concord. for the bay 75 in santa cruz. there is 65 degrees and accu-weather forecast there are low 60s coast side. partly cloudy skies friday, saturday. cooling down to low 90s sunday, dropping you into 80s monday and tuesday, inland and this could get interesting and in the summer time we can see moisture working up from former tropical storms. >> thank you. >> and listen to this, you have a closet full of clothes you never wear? now there is an app for that. >> trends i
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a computer malfunction forced dmv offices to close this morning. and the dmv says a router
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problem disconnected computers. offices open again by afternoon but that is no consoleation to thousands of customers including these folk who's took a day off from work to take care of the business. >> nothing we can do about it. if you don't take care of it sh you get pulled over? that is more cost. >> how can systems be down? especially today? >> there is a massel. and most dmv employees spent the day rebooking appointment autos members of the military joined local first responders to see how to get san francisco book on its feet. agencies gathered and tested wave they'd communicate with one other. and today's focus was on roles out of town teams will play.
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>> there are trucks full of groceries aren't going show up. >> it's going to be bad and we're going to know who to talk to. you'll be able to see us respond effective lie this, after experts pointed out it's forn repair to make sure there is three days worth of essentials for yourself and members of your family. >> tonight we're going to look into the campaign to legalize marijuana in california. turns out potential of pot may have been overstated. >> gang problem in san jose is driving up the murder rate. now feds may be ready to step in to help. >> in sacramento, a controversy involving an illegal immigrant who passed the california bar exam. >> more to bring you as abc 7
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back now to southern california a wildfire is doing
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damage as it continues to spread. these are live pictures now in riverside county outside temecula this, was a two story home now reduced to rubble and ash. >> we showed you this house when it was still standing. that fire doubled this afternoon from 125 acres to 250 acres and it's still raging out of control here in riverside county. nobody has been hurt and we're going to stay on top of this for you. >> this is still spreading. it's hot and windy. >> and marijuana advocates argue pot is california's number one cash crop by legalizing it we can reap tax revenue but a report sighted by california watch says that taxable potential of pot is vastly overstated. abc 7 news has been looking into this. >> this california watch is
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talking about this book, whatever everybody needs to know. and it's been put together by public policy researchers at pepperdine and rand drug policy research center. there is one statistic is that it's a $36 billinin a year industry. >> that is a number that is too large. >> saying that figure doesn't pass the giggle test. >> if you believe those numbers it suggests everyone who admitted smoking pot in the past month had to have smoked approximately 12 joints per day, every day for a year. that is not the case. >> and this source of the figure is standing by research saying the issue is not the dollar or amount it's drug control and z.under the
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current policy, it's a fallacy. but killmer says numbers do matter. when arguing mexican drug cartels make 60% of the revenue from marijuana he was quoting an old white house study not even the white house is willing to stand by anymore. >> the bottom line is that drug traffickers are earning from exporting hard drug autos saying marijuana accounts maybe for 20% norkt 60% of the drug gangs revenue. >> not so-to-say it cut ways from revenues and this is not going to bleed them to the point where it's going to lead to a massive reduction in violence. >> adding researchers aren't taking a stand on legalization. >> we've been trying to help people understand figures have been inflated. >> in washington state the man who wrote the book on growing marijuana told me researchers
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are guessing. >> they're throwing darts at a target. they don't have statistics to base numbers on, only speculating. >> he says because it's an illegal industry no one knows how much is being grown, smuggled or smoked. researchers of the book say they're attempting is an ed ited -- educated estimate. >> police are investigating the city's third shooting in two days. and a man was found on south winchester boulevard. the motive for the shooting is unknown. no avests have been made. a high powered delegation from u.s. department of justice was in san jose to talk about gang violence. and arrived after police had
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to deal with two shooting autos you can tell tony is thrilled to be back in the bay area. and he is nout number three man in the department of justice, here in support of the many programs to help prevent and predus gang violence. >> i think it's a willingness to try new ideas and recognize when something is not working. try, try, then try to see. >> the visit comes one day after two shootings in san jose that could be gang related. they were out of the park took place in the middle of the day. and there is some had to be qauld on overtime its not ideal with levels of staffing we v we're able to make it work yesterday. >> despite challenges san jose is recognized for a approach.
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san jose is one of six cities including memphis, detroit and boston making up national forum on youth prevention. a coalition of cities learning from each other. >> i can tell you that that is absolutely for ideas. >> and this representative lives in a gang invested neighborhood and now, spends time steering other young people and adults down a better path. >> this is a great feeling when a 24-year-old says i'm ready to change. and. >> leaders say they're helping create a better life here and nationwide.
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>> and there is a law school graduate now having to fight for the right to practice law. you may think it shouldn't be that hard but sergio garcia is not about your average law school grad. >> sergio garcia worked through college and law school. on top of that, passing a bar exam on his first try. but can't open a practice until he gets a law lions, considering whether undocumented immigrants can be given one. >> i'm asking for an opportunity to get out there to contribute to the economy suffering now to my full potential. >> garcia now has the backing of democratic lawmakers who introduced save bar dream
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resolution. >> we are urging the court that it is our intent to be unkumted you'd shud not be a determining factor twlornt get your license. >> this attorney harris and state bar filed briefs supporting giving garcia his license. the obama administration opposes it saying in its own legal filings giving an undocumented immigrant a california law lions violates a 1996 federal law denying giving public benefits to illegal immigrants. others say allowing people with garcia's status be attorneys undermines the justice system. >> if you're in violation of the skplau your presence here is in violation of law then your first step has an attorney, you're disrespecting the law. >> the policy starts that week offers those 30 years and younger legal status if they entered before turning 16
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attended school with no criminal record. >> at 35 years old, he's over the age limit. he's anxious t help those who qualify fill out the paper work. >> if they ask me does it bonler you? are you crying because you don't qualify? no. because i'm happy to be alive to see the day when you won't have to go through what i went through. a man with a rare condition
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have you ever had an uncontrolable twitch why your eye? one man suffered more than 10 years, and it became worse until a neurosurgeon reached out to help. >> doctors trying to get a picture of what is causing the doctor's eye to twitch. he's been dealing with it more than a decade. >> this is the left side of the face. and then, went down into my chin. >> and down to his neck and shoulder. the rare condition and this pediatrician says his
6:42 pm
twitching makes young patients uncomfortable. >> saying your eye is twitching you know? and there is pressure there. right there causing spasm. >> and there is a condition of nature, a nerve bumping up against pulsing artery autos this is very complex newer logical real estate. >> doctors would have had to cut through the skull and neither medications nor botox worked to stop the spasm. so he proposed relieving the pressure with a pad inserted behind the ear. >> this is involving using several instruments. and we use two pads and one a
6:43 pm
biological glue. it's the same that forms a blood clot. >> 10 days after, the twitch was better. >> but pretty much gone. and i can smile better. >> and this is going to take a few months to relax but a surgeon expects to it disappear completely. >> new smart phone app putting fashions at your finger tips. a
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okay, if you have a class clos yet full of clothes you never wear there is an app for that. and it's growing fast. and jonathan bloom says the latest trend in fashion is on your phone. >> this may look like a silicon valley launch party but it's a clothing swap.
6:47 pm
except nobody brought their own clothing. just a smart phone. it turns ut parties like this are happening every day using a new app. >> this allows to you have fashion from the closet. >> and when i walked into a closet, i saw shopping bags my wife had that had never been opened. let alone used. >> so he created a cross between instagram and ebay to turn clothes into cash. >> you take a photo and make it modern, vintage. and then go next, then enter detail autos with that, all followers can look and buy it with a click. and. >> there is everything done
6:48 pm
with the phone. you list it from the phone. >> and you may have noticed women at the party. it's for womens' fashion. the number of women using it is doubling every six weeks. >> it's addictive and huge. >> crosses the room in pink shoes megan kelly told us users spend 25 minutes per day using the appz unlike facebook it won't have trouble turn lg a profit. >> they're making money taking a fee off of each of the purchases and that is -- people are buying. >> this has been awesome. >> they expect $500 million will have changed hands. and this is more than just a passing trend. >> that looks like fun. >> clever and it's growing. >> i want to show you changes
6:49 pm
that are under way. there is been deepening all afternoon so from are here sefdz you can see. low clouds and fog just rushing in ars the bay. tonight it's socked in across the bay. that is going to cool us down. there is 100 in chico. 82 in tahoe. if you want to cool off, just head to the coast. there is pacifica, 59 degrees. this is a summer spread, 75 across the bay. heading inland brentwood will be warm, 95 degrees but no
6:50 pm
heat here. and as we look at the accu-weather forecast there are mid-90s inland. and by weekend partly cloudy skies and cooler weather continues monday, we'll see temperatures dropping off into mid-80s, this weekend could get interesting if the right dynamics come together. >> thank you. >> and our thanks go out to roxanne c of oakland and netta n from san jose for liking us on facebook. >> and for every like $1 goes to the sleep train dream campaign. >> coming up here next a once in a lifetime drill. >> there are localñ!ñcús
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join me tonight at 9:00, coming up, unaccompanied minor takes on new meaning. a couple says united airlines lost their 0-year-old daughter. then at 11:00 will our hospitals be ready for the big one? abc 7 i team investigates why some hospitals may not be standing when the shaking stops.
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>> and there is something fantastic. >> so exciting for the young kids. they started playing 66 years aggie and there is a team from sonoma county made it. they're the pride of petaluma now. there are player asks family members booking flights to pennsylvania. world series begins on thursday there is we talked with coach eric smith about the chance. >> woe start talking about numbers and it's crazy. there are over 7,000 little league that's started this whole thing. and there is 16 le. i don't think bit a lot. i think it's that world series term. just it's a shocker. this is not a regional tournament. >> it's big. and a's and royals in kc.
6:55 pm
there is a single to right. he who has taits is lunch. there is jared parker pitching well until the 5th. there is a five one fifth for kc. giants playing nationals tonight. jim harbaugh likes to tinker and try different things. and he was targeted once in preseason but a tipped ball led to interception. on the defensive side, no tackles but there is a split second from getting a sack here. and there is.
6:56 pm
>> if anyone wants a piece of dobs right now both sides of the ball, special teams he's a popular guy here. >> and this is still -- don't know what that feeling is, yet. >> if you're looking for bright spots by raider offense you'd need the hubble telescope. there is passes for 66 yards then there is everybody else. and there is the result, raiders blanked by dallas. >> we wanted scoring and that is disappointing. and we'll take a look and see the good and bad. >> first team, second team, third team z i don't think we played particularly well,
6:57 pm
there are too many mist skbraikz penalties. >> and you like to win every game but we've got to see what we did skbrong get ready. there is a game in four days. >> and let's look at the film. the u.s. women's team in new york today to light up the empire state building. how about a photo op right there? >> that is great. >> yes. >> exciting. >> go, petaluma. >> yes. fun. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news. >> join us on our facebook page. >> we appreciate your time as >> we appreciate your time as always, fromnissley has locked himself a seat
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in the 2-day finals starting on thursday, but who will he compete against? let's find out. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. this is the "jeopardy!" tournament of champions. now let's meet today's semi-finalists-- a newspaper reporter from chicago, illinois... an oncologist from annapolis, maryland... and an operations engineer from fort worth, texas... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!"--


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